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Main research programs

  • (A) The quantitative geography of sustainable development: Remote sensing, spatial econometrics, and spatial machine learning

  • (B) Regional growth, inequality, and convergence: Perspectives from spatial econometrics and machine learning

  • (C) Measuring the wealth and inequality of subnations: Views from outer space using satellite remote sensing

  • (D) Modeling the wealth and inequality of subnations: Spatial spillovers and spatial heterogeneity

  • (E) Spatial machine learning and development clusters

Research publications

Further information including current projects, slides, and summaries are available here:

Mendez, Carlos. & Gonzales, Erick. 2021. “Human Capital Constraints, Spatial Dependence, and Regionalization in Bolivia: A Spatial Clustering Approach.”” Economia, 44(87), 115-145. [Open published version]

Mendez, Carlos. 2020. Convergence Clubs in Labor Productivity and its Proximate Sources: Evidence from Developed and Developing Countries. Springer. [E-book version] [Printed version]

Aginta, Harry. 2020. “Spatial dynamics of consumer price in Indonesia: Convergence clubs and conditioning factors.” Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science, Forthcoming. [Published version]

Aginta, Harry. 2020. “Does the law of one price hold in 82 Indonesian cities? Evidence from club convergence approach.” Economics Bulletin, 40(4), 2844-2858. [Open published version]

Santos-Marquez, Felipe, and Carlos Mendez 2020. “Regional Convergence, Spatial Scale, and Spatial Dependence: Evidence from Homicides and Personal Injuries in Colombia 2010-2018.” Regional Science Policy and Practice, Forthcoming. [Pre-print version] [Published version]

Mendez, Carlos, and Felipe Santos. 2020. “Regional Convergence and Spatial Dependence across Subnational Regions in ASEAN: Evidence from Satellite Nighttime Light Data.” Regional Science Policy and Practice, Forthcoming. [Pre-print version] [Publised version]

Mendez, Carlos, and Mitsuhiko Kataoka. 2020. “Disparities in Regional Productivity, Capital Accumulation, and Efficiency across Indonesia: A Club Convergence Approach.” Review of Development Economics, Forthcoming. [Pre-print version] [Publised version]

Mendez, Carlos. 2020. “Regional Efficiency Convergence and Efficiency Clusters: Evidence from the Provinces of Indonesia 1990-2010.” Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science 4 (2): 391–411. [Pre-print version] [Published version]

Mendez, Carlos. 2020. Promoting both Industrial Development and Regional Convergence: Towards a Regionally Inclusive Industrial Policy. In Otsubo S. and Otchia C. (Ed.), Designing Integrated Industrial Policies for Inclusive Development in Africa and Asia. Routledge. Forthcoming. [E-book version]

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